Meet Our Camp Director

Believe me when I say that CAMP MOMS started completely by accident. It was shortly after my first-born arrived that I dug out my old beading kit and sat at my kitchen table to make what is now called, “The Teddy" bracelet.

Monogram jewelry has been around for a little over forever, and recently has made a major splash in the fine jewelry industry. There were countless times that I almost went for that 14k gold name plate, but in the end it just wasn’t practical, or me!

As a new mom I was quickly prioritizing comfort over everything, so I knew that I wanted jewelry that did the same, and that I could wear 24/7 (while also looking cute, of course). After making “The Teddy”, I wore it for a full year and nobody took a second look at it. It wasn’t until I had my second child, and added his name to my collection that friends and family starting asking me where I got them from.

Several requests later, I realized I could take my kitchen table hobby to the next level, et voila! CAMP MOMS was born. I always loved my camp days and there’s nothing like tapping into your inner child. Since “The Teddy” I started creating customizable necklaces, key chains, hair ties, and tie-dye garments targeted to the everyday mom.

I hope you feel nostalgic when you peruse my collection, and find the piece that brightens your day!

xo. Amy